Free Course: The best way to learn Spanish

Learn how to make the most of Dreaming Spanish and stop wasting time.

Not sure how to watch our videos?

Do you want to know what else to do to keep improving your Spanish? This course provides an overall look at the techniques and resources available to you, and how and when to use them. After watching it, you will know how to learn Spanish fast and be sure that you are making the most of your time.


1.5 hours

1 and 1/2 hours of condensed information.



Subtitles in English and Spanish for maximum accessibility.


Technique & philosophy

Learn the best way to watch Dreaming Spanish and why.



The best way to learn with a language partner.


Native media

How to make the most of native media when you are at the right level.


Living in the country

How to make the most of a stay in the foreign country.

Many people already benefitted from our method

Many of our viewers have seen enormous progress in their level of Spanish in few months.

"Over the last couple days I’ve noticed a seriously deeper level of listening comprehension. This comprehensible input method you’re putting together is no joke."

Ian S Walker

"My Spanish has gotten way better since I started watching your YouTube videos. Thank you for your amazing work! A lot of us are very grateful :)."


"Not only have you facilitated my current Spanish acquisition, you’ve essentially opened up a whole future of inspired language learning to me simply by proving it was possible to learn in this way."

Ryder Eaton


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    1 Who am I

    Where Pablo came from, how he decided to revolutionize language learning, and how he learned this method.

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    2 What is Comprehensible Input

    The theoretical background so you know why this is the best method to learn a language, and why it works.

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    3 But what about grammar?

    Some are concerned that we believe grammar to be unimportant. We don't. We believe our method is the best to end up with native-like grammar intuition.

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    4 How to watch Dreaming Spanish videos

    What to do when watching each video, how many times to watch it, and what videos to watch.

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    5 When to start speaking

    The effects of speaking, and at what moment we recommend to start speaking.

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    6 When and how to read

    How Extensive Reading can get you to a whole different level at the language.

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    7 Crosstalk

    Why doing this particular type of language exchange is the single best thing you can do with your time at any level.

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    8 Immerse yourself in native media

    How to make the most of your time at the advanced level, and continue learning on your own.

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    9 What to do when you're in the country

    How to avoid creating an English bubble around yourself and making sure you make good use of your time.

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    10 The future of language learning and Dreaming Languages

    Where Dreaming Spanish is going, and the ideal future of language learning worldwide.